Testimonials from users of The UK Small Business Marketing Bible

I purchased The UK Small Business Marketing Bible some time ago and have to say I think it is excellent and the most useful small business aid I have ever come across.

Peter Body
Naver Ltd

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. As an independent consultant/trainer I found it packed full of useful, easy to understand marketing information that is of the sort continually asked for by my clients. It is a lightweight read for a text book, and strips away the cloud of mystery that marketing professionals often wrap around themselves and their trade.

Overall, it provides the best advice in a simple format that any individual can follow.

Most people enter into business to satisfy a passion or utilise a skill or talent - few have had exposure to marketing, and most are frightened by the thought of putting themselves in the limelight. This book removes that fear, and shows how everyone can create and run a successful marketing campaign - one that suits them, their business and their bank balance.

I will be recommending this book to all my clients in the future.

Linda Clarke
JC Training Services

A thoroughly good, well-written book by someone who has excelled in their knowledge of marketing for small businesses. It offers value for money, is easy to read and is written in plain English by someone who has practised what he preaches.

Paul Davies
Windsor Recruitment

The UK Small Business Marketing Bible looks good, feels good and offers sound advice. It hits all the right marketing buttons, is good value for money, to the point and practical - and it works.

John McCall
TheLockerRoom Ltd

I'm about to start up in business and feel that knowledge of marketing is essential to give me an advantage over my competitors. A business-owning friend told me that poor marketing is the number one reason for new businesses failing.

The UK Small Business Marketing Bible is very practical and speaks in terms that are easy to understand. The guide is broken down into digestible chunks, which makes it easy to implement, and the author has practical experience and doesn't theorise. It made me understand the importance of marketing to your niche. I am now more aware of the science of attracting new customers, and I am now much more professional in my methodology and outlook.

An extremely good purchase which I will certainly be recommending to everyone (apart from my competitors, that is!).

Mr E Rock
Black Professionals Ltd

Affordable, easy to read and concise, this is a very good product indeed!

Alastair Patton
Patton Property Ltd

This practical, easy to read book was full of easy to implement ideas, and provided assistance with writing my marketing plan and some good sales tips. It also gave me the confidence to pursue my ideas as the book states that the techniques are proven. I like it!

Ken Rudge
Taher Ltd

I wanted a different view of some common issues and a one-stop shop for marketing issues relating specifically to small businesses. The book is clearly written, with a definite small business angle. By reading it I saved time and got one or two new ideas on how to present issues directly to small business owners.

Garry Ettridge
Keep in Touch

I like this book for its compactness and its very relevant, easy, step-by-step approach. It cuts through all the theoretical bull you get from other publishers and is absolutely great value. I'm always a little sceptical of buying items on the web that promise 'big' things, but this little item proved me wrong and hit the spot. Well done!

John Buckley
Momentum Business Coaching Ltd

A strong layout with short chapters, the book is easy to read and very targeted to small business owners. It's well written with extremely strong topics.

Matt Knopp
Business Talents Company

I'm always looking for new ideas for my own business marketing and to show clients. I like the PDF format, rather than a bulky book. The simple ideas and checklist approach is ideal for my clients, and it allows me to be seen as an expert in my field.

I write quite a lot of business plans for larger companies, but this is really aimed at providing practical help to the small business owner.

Garry Greenwood
Chester Business Solutions Ltd

The UK Small Business Marketing Bible is packed with detailed, relevant and practical advice and easy to follow examples, and just manages to simplify marketing as a whole. I think it's a great piece of work - a must for anyone wishing to start up - and I would definitely recommend it.

Eddington Pindura
Bestever Childcare Service

Marketing is not my strong point, but this book offered great value for money and was full of very good ideas that are easy to put into practice. It's helped me find some new clients.

Jill Hodgkins
Paradigm Partnership Ltd

This is just the type of info I need for a new business - interesting reading, and written in plain English. It's practical, easy to pick up, and user-friendly. I revised my marketing plan and redesigned my website as a result of the advice, and I have started to think and plan in a more lateral way.

Kirsten Strachan
The Spinning Thistle

I am always on the lookout for useful information to pass on to my clients. The Cobweb Business Information Factsheets and Business Opportunity Profiles are excellent, and this book also included to-the-point, practical information. It helped me with dozens of issues, such as structuring cold calls and telephone sales, and writing sales letters.

Chris Griffin
Griffin Associates

A useful resource of experience from someone who has 'been there and done that', The UK Small Business Marketing Bible is practical and easily applicable with cheap ideas that are easy to understand. I'm not a marketer and I have to concentrate on the day-to-day running of my business. I need simple and effective tips like this. Ultimately the book helped with the long-term planning of my marketing strategy.

Kellie Coughlin
Total Rider Training Ltd

The style of writing is practical, focused on the small business, and takes a hands-on approach.

Melanie Pursglove
The Vintage Paint Company Ltd

Full of clear explanations and easy to read - thanks for the reminder to re-read!

Andrew Hardman
Chapel Cleaning Machines

The book is practical and well laid out, and I liked the way that sections are summarised into easily digestible chunks.

Sam Evans

The appearance, clarity of text and simplicity of layout make this an excellent publication.

Max Walker
Markwel Associates Ltd

Great value for money!

Andrew Newell
Onlywills (Midlands) Ltd

I have established myself as a small business and I want a handy reference tool to think through my own marketing strategy. Part of my business activity is providing business advice. I am currently weak on marketing aspects. The UK Small Business Marketing Bible is well-structured, easily accessible and readable, with examples that are pertinent to my situation.

Paul McIntee
P&JM Management Services Ltd

Over the years I have accumulated dozens of business books and reports, some good, some bad, but none anywhere near as comprehensive as The UK Small Business Marketing Bible. To paraphrase William Arthur Ward: the average books have told me what to do, the good ones have explained, the better have demonstrated, The UK Small Business Marketing Bible, however, has inspired.

Paul Henry
Sales and Business Development Strategies Ltd

Packed with excellent information, I am sure the strategies will help me to grow my business massively.

Mark Harris
BDMS Associates Ltd

The UK Small Business Marketing Bible is great, with loads of info and some fantastic hints and tips - I'll be starting to implement them today.


Helen Murdoch

I was amazed by the quantity and quality of your book - your commercial experience I can confidently say is from real-life scenarios.

Before I bought this my only concern as a keen reader was that this was not another waste of time or hyped up. But my conclusion is this is a book that any serious marketer must use.

Sam Williams

This is one of the most practical and informative books I have ever read. I have finished the book and have already started applying the advice to my business. It is a must-have treasure.

Nicole Garriques

I have had The UK Small Business Marketing Bible for less than a week and can honestly say that while I have heard much of what you say before, I have never really put it into practice. I have wrestled with many marketing concepts before, never really feeling motivated to do anything about it. And that's where your manual comes in. The beauty of your manual is its simplicity. In comparison to other marketing manuals and books, yours makes you want to go out there and put what you say into action.

Well done.

Philip Allen